Writers’ Block: the muse @DJKoolEmdee – an ergasmic musical journey

so…i absolutely love listening to Dj Kool Emdee’s mixes and suggested listens. i always hear music I have NEVER heard before. listening to one of his mixes is the perfect way to get rid of writers block. Happy Listening – S/O to Dj Kool Emdee http://www.djkoolemdee.com My Favorite was La Melodia so let’s kick it … Continue reading

Writers’ Block: robots are scary…but inspiring

creepy…. What’s this…a Bot baby…interesting yet creepy. Bot sex symbols…very interesting…   Randoms need more inspiration? visit my other post in for the creators:writers block

Writers’ Block: Blacklights, Glowsticks, & Cloves… and the visuals

I have an obession with glow sticks, black light paint, etc. which came way before lil wayne’s I’m not a human video. (Side bar: No really ask my friends and show attendees-also if you check out my youtube page (www.youtube.com/sydneeonline) …there’s a vid called “Ready to Go Preview” where I incorporated a live glowstick dance.)   And … Continue reading