Writers’ Block: Did you sleep on Dave Matthews Band’s album: Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King?

So honestly, when I first got this album I didnt really follow the DMB and I was not completely sure of what a GrooGrux King was but later found out that’s actually the nickname of the former member of the band Leroi (RIP). . Anywho I was introduced to the band and the album via … Continue reading

Writers’ Block: the muse @DJKoolEmdee – an ergasmic musical journey

so…i absolutely love listening to Dj Kool Emdee’s mixes and suggested listens. i always hear music I have NEVER heard before. listening to one of his mixes is the perfect way to get rid of writers block. Happy Listening – S/O to Dj Kool Emdee http://www.djkoolemdee.com My Favorite was La Melodia so let’s kick it … Continue reading