Writers’ Block: Backwards and Upside Down…visual stimulation

  something doesnt look …write 😉 (intentionally spelled incorrectly) Advertisements

Writers’ Block: Blacklights, Glowsticks, & Cloves… and the visuals

I have an obession with glow sticks, black light paint, etc. which came way before lil wayne’s I’m not a human video. (Side bar: No really ask my friends and show attendees-also if you check out my youtube page (www.youtube.com/sydneeonline) …there’s a vid called “Ready to Go Preview” where I incorporated a live glowstick dance.)   And … Continue reading

Open the Damn Mystery Box Already…Sharing is Caring

Artists if you run across any great opportunities or resources for other musicians please email at dnjprofessionals@gmail.com

artists:copyright your sh%t!!

Thanks (for once) to the government, copyrighting your intellectual property (music and lyrics) is now easier than ever. No more “po-mans” copyrighting etc. Just create an account here: http://www.copyright.gov and follow the steps. You can copyright the arrangement of a song, instrumentation, lyrics etc. Please do this before you go posting your latest music all … Continue reading

Protected: doowop that thang…new music post

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

artists: are you on www.reverbnation.com?

For those artist who cannot afford to pay someone to make a professional EPK (electronic press kit) ReverbNation is a great tool!

artists: sign up for headliner.fm here

to all the musical artists out there. you must go and register now for this website…ready… ~~~~~> http://headliner.fm/ref/22390