Writer’s Block:the Noisettes – A KicK aS% 3Piece Female Fronted Band

Don’t Upset the Rythym Ft. Estelle & Wale (Free Download):

The Noisettes Feat. Estelle & Wale – Don_t Upset The Rhythm

OMG! So about a year and a half ago I found the Noisettes after a challenge by my songwriting partner, DJ to find other bands (i was performing/traveling w/The Damen Austin Band at the time) with a Black Female Lead Singer. And boy did google satisfy my quest! I’m always intrigued by other creative types and it was totally my pleasure to find a group that really has an amazing and authentic sound in this age of auto tune and industry clones!!

Honestly, the Amy Winehouses’ , Adelle, Duffy etc don’t do it for me in the authencity department, they just seem to borrow from the sixties sound and not embody the music and probably have images fabricated by some “facilitator.” Don’t get me wrong, I was singing along to Rehab and Duffy but I always knew there was something missing from their music.

The authencity factor in my opinion is what makes any artist suceed. Artists should ask themselves: IS MY PERSONAL STORY BELIEVABLE, IS MY MUSIC AND IMAGE A REAL PART OF MY LIFE? If you answer No, you should really figure out what works for you in your everyday life. Trust me the public (fans) can identify a fake!

So I know it seems totally coincidental how my personal approach to the industry parallels a bit with The Noisettes,  and bass player (yep, she really rocks) Shingai Shoniwa even the name (Sydnee-Jane & The Jane-Ettes…lol) but I never heard of them until maybe a little over a year ago.

But boy was I happy to find them. I’m totally one of their biggest fans. It’s something about Shingai that draws you into the band and the sound, aside from her superb style and gorgeous face. They are unforgettable and I can guarantee that if you havent heard about them, you will see them everywhere pretty soon.

For your bragging right opportunities I have attached some pics/music/vids so you can be the first of your buddies to say you heard them first (eventhough they were second to Madaam Gaga on the billboard charts @#2 last year). 😉

Enjoy! Leave your comments about the band.

The Mainstream crossover hit that is helping to solidify The Noisettes!

Pretty Cool Right?!? Here’s some tunes for your listening pleasure:

Don’t Upset The Rythym (Go Baby Go) (Original):

Free Music Downloads | Free ringtones at EZ-Tracks.com

Don’t Give Up:

Free Music Downloads | Free ringtones at EZ-Tracks.com

Live Videos:


Noisettes – Never Forget You

More Videos & Games at Funny Kid Videos


More Videos & Games at Funny Kid Videos

Noisettes – Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)

More Videos & Games at Funny Kid Videos

Noisettes – Atticus

More Videos & Games at Funny Kid Videos

Wanna buy their album now? Click here ~> http://www.noisettes.net/


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