Writers’ Block: Did you sleep on Dave Matthews Band’s album: Big Whiskey and The GrooGrux King?

So honestly, when I first got this album I didnt really follow the DMB and I was not completely sure of what a GrooGrux King was but later found out that’s actually the nickname of the former member of the band Leroi (RIP).


Anywho I was introduced to the band and the album via a drummer that I know and he highly recommended that I listen. Well I did, and the songs on this album are SUPERB!! Great musicianship. Perfect for a quiet day of meditation and drifting away on furry warm thoughts of taking the world by storm. This is sure to help you conquer any mental blocks.

Here are few cuts from the album! Enjoy!

As usual, I put my absolute favorite cut first!!!!I kept this on repeat for a few months.

Lying in the Hands of God:

Funny the Way it Is:

You and Me:

Dive In:

Why I am:

Spaceman (LIVE):


Time Bomb (Live):

Alligator Pie (this one is dedicated to his daughter Stella)

Shake Me Like a Monkey:


Buy the album http://www.amazon.com/Whiskey-GrooGrux-King-Dave-Matthews/dp/B001ULAUFS


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