Writers’ Block: the most creative Damn Album covers…sorta

So…we (as in all of us) finally figured out slapping a superbly photoshopped picture of yourself, included with mediocre tunes, and further a thoughtless visual representation of your music in the form of a video does not promise longevity.

While having a super de-duper (thanks Barney), and awesomely creative album cover may not get you the Grammy you feel you deserve, it will get you some attention.

My advice is always to be creative first…people respect art more when they feel a person has meticuolousy taken time to create the work of art. And there is nothing greater as a creator than the feeling that someone respects your creative works.

Anywho, different websites compile extremely long lists of album covers they deem to be the most creative and overall “best.” Since I know you don’t have time to look thru those lists,  and because you are seeking creative inspiration…i extracted my favorite. Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not…if not go here (http://inspiredology.com/99-best-designed-album-covers/ )  and pick your own 😉 to get out of that creative rut.

Here are some of my favorite album covers from Inspiredology.com ‘s 99 Best Designed Album Covers and some more recent covers. I’ll add more later. 😉

Gotta love the BEP’s aka Will.I.Am…lol

Simplicity is Queen…

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