Jane’s World Glossary

The Glossary & Smiley Dictionary

(Incomplete and not in alpha order…sorry)

New Smileys & Twingo

&:0) : A Jane w/a Bow – created by @sydneejane

>&;0)== or =&:0)== : A Jane w/a Bow doing a cartwheel

(= : created by @justsoambitious

GYASE: translation Girl You Are Something Else

BYASE: translation Boy You Are Something Else

YASE: translation You/You All Are Something Else

GTTP: translation Get To The Point

What is Jane’s World (Brief) : Jane’s World is a place that can only be physically reached through prespiration along the highway of dreams. A place where one feels the most free, accepted, and creative. A place of peace, love, and music.

#JaneWorld the title of Sydnee-Jane’s album and Band (youtube.com/sydneeonline) . Please note that some lingo is reserved for official members of Jane’s World. To become an official member, email dnjprofessionals@gmail.com !

Jane: “Heavenly gift.” We use this term as a reference to a beautiful woman. A term of endearment.

John/Johnny: The male version of a Jane, and also “Heavenly Gift.” A term of endearment.

The Arcade: The Gym

Arcade Games: Gym & Exercise machines

The Volcano/Lava’s Lair: The Sauna in the Arcade

“Texas”: translation “Big”, usage in a sentence : “Let’s do it Texas, Baby”

Potion: spirits!

Friday: Anything fun, or for pleasure – sentence usage: I need a Friday.

Merry Go Round: A fun ride.

The Wizard: Magical sorcerer and spreader of good news, wisdom and overseerer of supernatural happenings.

“TonytheTiger”: translation “Gggrrreeeaatt” , usage in a sentence: “I’m TonytheTiger”

The Facilitator: The person who has not actually committed an action before but wants to tell everyone the “proper” way to perform the action. Usually this will be a reference to a non-musical or talented person telling a real artist how to create.

No offense faciliators but back off and let us grow and create, then market our sh%$t.


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